We interrupt the stories of the highest-risk youth in our community with the love of Jesus. Every young person can rise above even the most challenging circumstances in their lives.

Here in San Diego:

14,400 11-19 year-old youth have a parent in prison: they are 7 times more likely than their peers to follow their parent to prison.

1 in 3 teens are growing up without a father in their home: they are 20 times more likely to be incarcerated

Without intervention, negative statistics become self-fulfilling prophecies and generational cycles of crime and poverty continue.

Sponsor one Christ-Sharing Relationship

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Each circle-pair represents one mentoring relationship.


Sponsor one Cluster of Christ-Sharing Relationships

  • YFC

Mentoring relationships are organized into clusters of 3-5 to create a dynamic and scalable peer-support structure. Clusters also give mentors the opportunity to do group activities like sports, trips, homework, discussions, or Bible studies.


Will you fill a circle by sponsoring one mentoring relationship or cluster?